Specialized Services:
Business Financial Evaluation
We provide a comprehensive analysis of your business' financial condition and the effectiveness of your accounting systems. We specialize in setting up customized accounting systems for multiple types of businesses.

Training and Support
We offer in-office training and on-going support and oversight of your office staff.
Maui Bookkeeping Consultants - Proudly Serving Hawaii

Maui Bookkeeping Consultants was founded in 2001 by Kerry Cullins and has grown from a one-woman show to an entire company of exceptional bookkeepers. Our dedicated staff has helped build our company into the Pre-eminent bookkeeping service on the Island!


Kerry Cullins Fitzgerald, President and CEO

Shonna Pinheiro Baltar, Vice President and COO

Our Dedicated Staff:

Rose Magbual, Sister of Emily Bagel, Bookkeeper

Lynn Bowersox, Bookkeeper

Emily Magbual, Siter of Rose Bagel